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Why Study in Canada? 🍁

Canada is among the most affordable of the leading destinations for international students. It offers lower tuition than the US, the UK, and Australia.

Wherever students’ study, at whatever level, they can be sure of getting a degree, diploma, or certificate that will be recognized all over the world. Canada is among the leaders in the G8 in terms of its per capita investment in education, leading to high-quality and well-respected faculty, programs, and institutions. Given the excellent reputation and high quality of Canadian degrees and credentials, this affordability is exceptional and offers incredible value for money.

Canada is rated the highest by parents for being welcoming to International Students

There are many scholarships and opportunities for financial assistance available for international students (especially students of top academic standing). Most of these are available at the graduate level, but there are some secondary school and undergraduate entrance scholarships available, particularly through individual institutions. For more information on international student scholarships visit

You don’t need to study alone in Canada. It allows an accompanying spouse to obtain open work permits in addition to allowing dependent children to attend school.

Students can fund their studies working 20 hrs/wk on campus or off campus while attending classes and working full time in breaks between semesters. After graduation, qualified students will be given the opportunity to continue to live in Canada and work through a Post- Graduate Work Permit opening doors for possible immigration opportunities for those who want to live and work in Canada for long term.


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