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Why RK Edu Consultancy?

Our founder, an immigrant from Bhutan recognizes that studying or emigrating to a new country can be difficult; therefore, we extend our services to ensure that after you arrive, you will receive ongoing help until you have adjusted in. We can give “on the ground” support to ensure that our customers are safely settled in and ready to get off to a good start once they arrive. To guarantee clarity and to allow you to track your application as it proceeds through the process, our services is organized into three simple stages

You are just 3 Steps Closer to Your Future


Step 1: Program Selection

Your Educational Counsellor will work with you one-on-one to determine the most appropriate academic program for your interests and professional aspirations. When determining which programs to recommend, we look at the length, cost, location, and course schedule. 


Step 2: Letter of Acceptance

We will assist you in preparing and submitting your application to the school once you and your Educational Counselor have decided on the optimal level of study and educational program for you. Before you apply for a study permit, you must receive a letter of acceptance from a Canadian designated learning institution (DLI). 


Step 3: Study Permit

The final step is to apply for a Study Permit. You’ll be able to apply for Canadian immigration for your studies once you receive your admission letter.


Studying in Canada as an international student will provide you with a prestigious, internationally recognised degree while also allowing you to save money!

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What Our Students Say

Sonam Yangchen Jamtsho

Because of RK Edu Consultancy’s impeccable guidance, I was able to get admission to one of the best universities in Canada, Dalhousie. My whole journey of studying abroad has been nothing but smooth. RK Edu Consultancy helped me during the transition to Canada. I am very grateful for their support.

Testimony( 2) - Pema Lakshey.jpg

Pema Lakshey

RK Edu consultancy’s knowledge about the Canadian Education System and immigration rules for International Students in Canada was well versed, I found it reliable to take their service. The counselor guided, directed, and helped me in every step that I faced no challenges in completing my college admission, preparing documents, and launching my VISA. In every step, Rina narrated the background, and policies and taught methods for preparing documents and she showed me ideas and ways to make things work, in short, she made every single step possible. I felt easy and comfortable talking with her as she is so open and friendly. One of the things I appreciated the most about their services was that they answered my questions outside their working hours. I must say that my experience with Rk Edu consultancy was satisfying, educative, and worth recommending. Those of you who see no possibilities for you within Bhutan and you still have dreams to study in Canada then I assure you that you can always find hope beyond borders and RK Edu consultancy will make it possible for you.

Temonnial - Tshering Dekar_edited.jpg

Tshering Dekar

RK Edu Consultancy is an excellent education agency if you are looking for someone with extensive knowledge to assist and guide you to study in Canada. It was due to RK Edu Consultancy that I was able to get through hard times and achieve what seemed impossible when I got a refusal on the first attempt working with an agent in Bhutan. I continue to consult them after I arrived in Vancouver when I have questions about the school or living in Canada. I am grateful for their support throughout my journey to Canada.

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